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The V-50 Lectures are a powerful epistimological and observational scientific indentification of the causes and effects of civilization's social problems and the decentralized, non-political conditions within which our society must function for genuine freedom to flourish, without anarchy, and enable unprecedented productivity, security, and wealth.  The V-50 Lectures further innovatively sharpen the definition of ownership, or 'property', and build upon the intellectual works of Ludwig von Mises, Murry Rothbard, Isaac Newton, Ludwig Bolztmann, Thomas Paine, Frederic Bastiat, Robert LeFevre, and many others.  The V-50 Lectures were first innovated by Dr. Andrew J. Galambos (lower left, above) and greatly expanded upon by Dr. Jay S. Snelson (right), the principal V-50 lecturer including the popular MP3 audio set digitally remastered from high-quality tape recordings produced and distributed by Chas Holloway.

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, Ludwig von Mises (1948)
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, Murray Rothbard (1962)
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, Murray Rothbard (1977)
Taming the Violence of Faith
, Jay Snelson (2011)
The Rational Optimist
, Matt Ridley (2011)
Thermodynamics of Markets, Viktor Sergeev (2008)
Thrust for Freedom
, Andrew Galambos (1999)
The Law, Frederic Bastiat (1850)
Calculated Chaos, Butler Shaffer (1985)
The Fundamentals of Liberty, Robert LeFevre (1985)
Thomas Paine Author of the Declaration of Independence, Joseph Lewis (1947)
The Discovery of Freedom, Rose W. Lane (1943)
Research by Elinor Ostrom et al (2003), earned the 2009 Nobel Prize in Economics

The V-50 Lectures have done something that's never been done before - shift thousands of peoples' paradigms away from the supposed benefits of police state control toward the real benefits of self-reliance and freedom.

- Chas Holloway, Publisher

After completing my Bachelor's and Master's degrees in psychology I took the V-50 Lectures, only to discover that I learned more in this one course than I had in six years of university courses combined! V-50 changed my life, clarified my thinking, and showed me a completely new way to look at the world.  V-50 will to the same for you.  Be prepared to have your paradigms shifted and your mind blown. V-50 will do for the social sciences what Newton did for physics and Darwin did for biology.

- Michael Shermer, Publisher of Skeptic Magazine, monthly columnist for Scientific American, and author of Why People Believe Weird Things, The Science of Good and Evil, Why Darwin Matters, and The Mind of the Market.

Attending the V-50 Lectures thirty-five years ago was the intellectual watershed of my life.  The profound elegance of the concepts, coupled with Dr. Snelson's meticulous application of the scientific method to the problems of society, left me mentally breathless, and completely changed the course of my life.  Hearing these lectures again for the first time in decades, I'm deeply moved once more.  They are timeless, and an absolutely critical input to anyone seeking to understand the society in which we live.

- John A. Pugsley, founder of The Sovereign Society, and author of Common Sense Economics and The Alpha Strategy.

Snelson builds a scientific foundation, brick by brick, and presents a new way of looking at the world.  With scientific precision, in The V-50 Lectures, he removes the rhetoric and exposes the underlying causality.  But don't think his presentation is only about cold facts; I assure you it is not.  Snelson's knowledge of the lives of those who have brought us a greater understanding of the world - the scientists, the philosophers, the industrialists, the builders - will warm the hearts of his listeners.  It most certainly did mine.

- Louis E. Carabini, founder and chairman, the Monex Group of companies.

Analytic Discussion of V-50 Lectures

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  • Parallel Intellectual Treatments

Lecture Series Slides Accompanying The V-50 Lectures

Slides 1 and 2 for Session 1   Note - the math is used only to illustrate why profound discoveries do not make popular news headlines!

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